“We would definitely recommend AvaLaw to other clients!”

Below we have collected some of the testimonials from our clients:

“We would definitely recommend AvaLaw to other clients!”

Below we have collected some of the testimonials from our clients:

“We are back in France, after a quick trip having concluded that the sale occurred in good conditions. I wanted to thank you for the quality of your assistance in this matter. When it is necessary I will come back to AvaLaw because I appreciate the quickness with the execution of the legal job and your response to our concerns.

I especially thank Angela and Lourdes for their assistance and clarity of the translations to clarify any doubts.
I would not hesitate to recommend you if our loved ones or friends are tempted by the same adventure in Catalonia, and I already regret my return to Britain without sun this morning, and with the cold.

Many thanks.
Happy Holidays to you and all your team.”

Marie Claude and Patrick RODIER

“We believe that Phill has succeed in hiring your legal services as we have felt reflected in you for the rigorousity and the “know how” which makes that Clients as valuable as Phill can feel supported and confident that someone can assist them in their legal matters whilst they are in their property in Switzerland.

This means that in case we have another International Client we can offer this added value to our services, so we can give to our Client this intermediation and security.”

Alberto Carballal.
Lucio Sampietro.
Project Managers

“We have recently exchanged contracts on a property in Barcelona after being introduced to AvaLaw by an estate agent. Our two contacts in the law firm were Raisa and Miriam.  They have acted in a very professional manner whilst at the same time being helpful and efficient.  We would not hesitate to recommend AvaLaw to anybody requiring legal representation in Spain.”

Michael and Kas Smith

“Raisa Venermo and her team have enabled me to do the seemingly impossible: purchase a number of Barcelona apartments over time while I’ve been in faraway places, from Los Angeles to Zurich to Moscow, attending to other business. Raisa and her team receive leads for attractively priced properties, visit them and send me detailed photo and video reports (with subtitles!). Raisa conducts masterful negotiations and due diligence whilst striving for the best possible deal, and closes the purchase on my behalf for the selected properties. Only when I show up in Barcelona do I finally discover the new properties in the portfolio for myself, at which point they are ready for the next steps.

Raisa patiently and methodically explains the myriad of peculiarities that come up when investing, doing business, or simply functioning in Spain – a wonderful country, but not always readily familiar to those of us hailing from afar.

Raisa operates at a level of trust, ethics, reliability, and precision that’s an endangered species in Spain or anywhere.”

Aleksander Saidakovsky (Russia, USA)
Russian-American real-estate investor