Safe Landing and Stress-free day to day in Spain

Clients from over 60 different countries

Currently closing several successful operations per week

AvaLaw is a Landing Consultancy company that assists international clients with their operations in Spain in a safe and easy way, from the identification of business opportunities and financial advice, to the structuring and execution of operations. Legal, tax and immigration advice, as well as know-how in real estate, are our core expertise.

After the safe landing, we continue assisting our clients in their day-to-day matters closely and proactively.

360º Services at your disposal

Search of business and real-estate opportunities

We know the local businesses and market and have access through our network to opportunities that are not published anywhere. We’ll find you the target you’re looking for.

Financial advice

Moving to Spain may be an attractive idea, but do the numbers add up? We’ll make sure that your business plan is adapted to the local reality so that you can obtain the highest ROI possible.

Tax and structure advise

Taxes are relatively high in Spain, but there is always something you can do about it. We’ll share with you our expertise on how to optimize the taxes in all your operations in Spain.

Making the business plan happen from a legal point of view

Now we have a plan that makes sense. We execute the plan by setting up the structures, finding the right partners and negotiating the terms of the operations. Our corporate lawyers defend your interests as if they were their own

Work and Resident permits

If you or your employeers come from outisde the European Union, we will apply for the required permits on your behaved: Golden Visa for investors, Blue Card for highly qualified workers, Non-Lucrative visa for those who just come to live and are not planning to work, etc. There is an option for everyone.

Real Estate

You need a place to live and do business. Maybe Real Estate is even at the core of your business plan in Spain? We'll help you with all the aspects related to properties, from renting a place to conducting complex real-estate operations.

Accountancy & payroll, continuous legal support

You can rest easy knowing that we’ll provide you with our maximum effort when assisting you with your landing in Spain, after all, we’re seeking a long-term relationship with our clients. We wish to continue assisting you throughout the whole lifespan of your operations in Spain, taking care of your accountancy & payroll; and providing you with continuous legal and tax advice as and when you need it.

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