Non-Lucrative Visa in Spain

The non-lucrative residence visa in Spain is a visa which foreigner request from their country of origin which permits them to live in Spain for a period extended than 90 days, without performing any work or professional activity.

Non-lucrative visa (Residence Visa) is a type of visa for non-EU citizens that does not allow lucrative activities from the applicant in Spain. However, the economic conditions of the applicant must be steady. The non-lucrative visa is for someone with a good economic situation who wishes to stay more than three months is Spain.

Non European union citizens that want to live in Spain and who have savings or passive income enough to prove that they don’t need to work in Spain may be eligible for a non- lucrative visa in Spain.

The initial non lucrative residency permit is granted for a period of one year and renewable for periods of two years upon expiry until the holder has been a resident in Spain for 5 years, at which point a long term residency can be granted.

The main documents to provide for such an application are proof of income or savings, of having a place to stay in Spain and a private health insurance. A certificate of criminal records will also be required.

Though the basic documentation required is quite simple, the most important aspect of the application for a non lucrative visa is that the documentation must show that the applicant has a fitting profile for a non profit residency permit. This implies demonstrating clearly that the applicant has no intention to work in Spain and that he or she has sufficient economic capacity as to not have any need to.

It is important to keep in mind that, like almost all Spanish residency permits, the non lucrative residency permit requires the holder not to be absent from Spain for more than 6 months per year in order to conserve and be able to renew the permit. To access long term residency, in addition to the previous requirement, the holder cannot be absent from Spain for more than 10 months in total over the 5 year of residency required.

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Non Lucrative Visa in Spain: Everything you need to know.

When applying for the non-lucrative visa you must have a certain level of income outside of Spain, or own assets that cover your maintenance in Spain. The amount of income for the year 2018 is 2130.04 euros per month for you and in the event that you bring family members, that require your financial support, the required amount per each family member is 532.51 euros a month. In the process, you must submit evidence that proves your income.

In addition to the requirements related to your livelihood, there are also requirements for your health conditions. You are required to provide a medical certificate that states neither you or any of your family members do not suffer from any dangerous diseases.

Yes. To get it renewed you need to reside in Spain for at least 6 months in a year, and that implies becoming a tax resident in Spain

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