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Our immigration lawyers have a 100% success rate. 

Avalaw is one of the most specialized Spanish immigration law firms in obtaining the Golden Visa (residence and work permit for non-European investors).

Our immigration lawyers also deal with other types of residence and work permits in Spain, among them the non-profit visa, permits for highly qualified professionals or obtaining the famous NIE numbers.

Migratory movements have increased in the last decade throughout the European Union transforming the social reality which is becoming more and more multicultural.

At Avalaw we have been working in Immigration Law in Spain since 2007, accumulating extensive experience in this legal field. We possess a highly specialized team of different nationalities who know very well the needs of foreigners, able to design the most appropriate strategy, seeking a quick and effective solution.

If you are European and you want to live in Spain, you will need to obtain a residence certificate, this is a document with the data of the person plus their foreigner identity number and that gives the right to live and work in Spain, to obtain this certificate it is necessary to show that you have the resources to live, and if you do not want to work, then you would need to present valid medical insurance.

If in your case you are not European, and you want to live in Spain, there are a variety of permits depending on whether you come alone to live, to work, to set up a company, to make an investment, to study, etc. There are almost as many types of permits as there are reasons to come.

Our immigration lawyers in Barcelona and Madrid can help you save time, money and headaches by taking care of all the bureaucratic issues so you can concentrate on enjoying your new country of residence.

Our immigration lawyers will help you with:

If you are a highly qualified worker form outside the EU and you’re planning to come to Spain, then you may be interested in the Blue Card. 

Are you investing or buying a property in Spain? Then you may be interested in the Golden Visa residency permit. 

Are you planning to come to Spain but not to work here? Then you may be interested in a Non-lucrative Visa. 

Everything you need to know about this Spanish ID for foreigners and its characteristics.