Choosing your immigration lawyer cautiously may be more important than you think, because you want to avoid a denied application or any other legal problems. In this article we will give you the right tips to help you find the right immigration lawyer for you.

TIP NUMBER 1: Check the reputation of the company

Nowadays we have so much access to online platforms that is easier to find all sort of reviews about everything and everyone. Therefore, you should check the Google reviews of the company, the opinions of past clients and employees. 

This is the best way to know the opinions of other people like you, people who have already experienced how the clients are handled in that specific company. If the case is that you see a great number of good reviews can be a good sign that is a reliable company. 

Nevertheless, we also recommend you not to just take one review as a reference, you should scroll all of them. But is also important to know that the majority of companies will have some displeased clients, this is why you shouldn’t be influenced by just one review. 

TIP NUMBER 2: Specialization

A crucial step you should always take before taking hiring an immigration law firm is to know if they only specialize in immigration or if they also offer services in other areas of the Spanish law. 

It’s important to know before hiring an immigration law firm is to know if they only specialize in immigration or if they also offer other law services. And this is crucial because in some cases you will need other services than just your visa. 

For example, you would like to sort out your tax situation as a foreigner or set up a company or do an investment. Like the golden visa which requires the investment on a property, in this case comes in hand that your lawyer can also help you in the process of buying your property, plus having the experience of a good team that can cover all the legal demands that you will have in Spain is vital. 

Saying this trusting a firm that only focuses on immigration does not offer great pluses when it comes to specialization.

TIP NUMBER 3: Ask other foreigners or friends

Maybe a family member or a friend has already moved to Spain, this gives you the opportunity to ask for their recommendations when picking an attorney. People closer to you will be the ones that will give you a more real opinion about the services they chose on a particular company. 

Other good tip it’s to look for references in expat forums online, like we mention before these days we are so connected through technology that there’s many different groups and expat communities on Facebook, LinkedIn that are created with the purpose of helping between them with the difficulties of moving abroad. 

TIP NUMBER 4: Does the law firm has experience working with clients of your same nationality?

It’s a fact that residence permits for non-European citizens are the same for everybody. And that the immigration law sets the requirements as well as that they don’t depend on the applicant, but we also know that exits inconsistencies regarding the conditions requested by each Spanish consulate. 

For example for a specific type of visa the general law will establish an amount that needs to be proved to have on possession of the applicant but depending in which consulate you present your application they could change the amount for a higher amount and if you didn’t knew this and you present it with the general amount your application will be rejected. 

Therefore, the significance of selecting a law firm that has experience and that has worked with people from your same country. 

TIP NUMBER 5: Is an administrative agent better than a lawyer?

Sometimes people ask themselves if they should get a lawyer to manage their application or an administrative agent that in Spain we call “gestor”. 

And what is the different between those two? Well an administrative agent can process your visa application in the same way as an attorney.  

But in the case that your application gets rejected, which is something that could happen. They won’t be able to initiate a petition or a court process to appeal the approval of your visa, but a lawyer would be able to if this had to happen. 

So, don’t forget that a lawyer can represent you in court, but an administrative agent cannot. 

TIP NUMBER 6: Do you have to guide yourself because of the price?

As you must seem while doing your research there’s lots of immigration lawyers and sometimes with so much difference on their prices when you start comparing one another. 

It’s important to know that experience and efficiency has a value, if you are planning to move to another country and need to solve legal issues, you shouldn’t take your chances. Doing these procedures are probably the most crucial acts in starting your new life as an expat because your future will depend on those. 

In many cases a high price can be an indicator of quality and good service

If you have more doubts or you need help with your application process do not hesitate to contact usOur immigration team has helped clients from all 60 different countries, we are here to help you and make your application process smoother. 

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