The top 5 challenges to set up a business in Spain

Would you like to set up a business in Spain? Or, buy one?

How about a winery or vineyard? Maybe, a construction company or a shoe factory? Fancy operating a bar at the beach or conducting import-export activities?

Before starting a new business in Spain, you have to know the top 5 business challenges to set up one here:

  1. The first one is to get the right structure from the beginning so it is tax efficient and protects you adequately.
  2. The second is tackling the bureaucracy. When you apply for licenses or you are setting up a business in Spain, you will realize that Spain is a very bureaucratic country.
  3. The third challenge are the timings. Everything takes longer than you expect.
  4. The fourth one is to find and keep good people. Invest in time and good money in the recruitment process.
  5. The fifth is getting to know the market. Spain is a combination of different markets. Something that works in Madrid, may well not work in Barcelona or Marbella.

Watch all the explanation here in this video:


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