When do I have to pay taxes in Spain?

Find out when you need to pay taxes in Spain

Provided that you obtain any income and/or have an asset (Real Estate, bonds, pension plan, shares, etc.) located here you will generally have to pay taxes in Spain.

In this sense, it is a matter of key importance to check the ways to obtain such income or the procedures to make an investment in Spain. This can help you  reduce the taxes to be paid and avoid any contingencies.

The application of Double Tax Treaties between Spain and your tax residency country might have a beneficial advantage for you. It could reduce the tax rate applicable depending on the income obtained (dividends, rental income, interest, etc.)

Good coordination with your local tax adviser is highly advisable and we typically have a very good relationship with them… We speak the same tax language!

Our Head of the Tax Deparment Alejandro Puyo explains it in this video

If you’re considering investing in Spain, the Real Estate department will be happy to help you do so in the best possible way, always making sure you pay no more taxes than you need to. As explained before, it is important to check  the procedures to make an investment in Spain in order to reduce the taxes to be paid and to avoid any contingencies.

If you want to find out when you are considered a tax resident in Spain, about being tax resident in Spain.

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