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One stop shop for safe landing and stress-free day-to-day for ex-pats and foreign companies in Barcelona and Madrid.

AvaLaw is more than a law firm. We provide you with all the services you may need in Spain:  

Landing · Legal · Tax · Accountancy · Payroll · Immigration · Investment Opportunities 

Real-estate · Business plans · Market studies · Partner searches

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Our services as international law firm in Spain. 


Property Investment in Spain

Are you planning to buy a second home in Spain or invested professionally in spanish real estate?


Tax Advice and Accountancy in Spain

Are you looking for a tax advisor or an accountant in Barcelona or Madrid?


Business for Sale in Spain

Are you looking for business for sale in Spain? Our mergers and acquisitions team will help you throughout all the process.


Immigration Lawyers in Spain

Our team of Immigration lawyers is here to help you with all the paperwork and bureaucracy before coming to Spain. Contact us for a free consultation.


Start a business in Spain

Would you like to start a business in Spain? Or maybe you are looking to expand your business in Spain. Either way, we are here to help.


Wills and Inheritance

Are you receiving or leaving an inheritance in Spain? Contact us to find our the best way to do so.

Do you think you can do all of this successfully on your own?

Possibly. But if you want to know us just in case, you can see our team here, book directly a free online consultation or watch video feed-back from our clients.

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Avalaw: International Lawyers in Spain. Who we are?

We are a legal and business consulting firm; our international lawyers specialize in real estate investments, tax planning and accounting, commercial and corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, immigration, and wills and inheritance acceptance.

Our services are based on our knowledge of the business, our experience, and the skills and abilities of our lawyers. Our experience gained over the years of working with companies from all sectors including hotels, vineyards, logistics and new technologies allows us to offer advice tailored to your specific needs.

We stand out for being a diverse team with different nationalities and languages. In recent years, Avalaw has worked with many clients from over 60 countries across five continents.

Transparency and communication are key to our way of working. For this reason, we establish a relationship of mutual trust and maximum knowledge with our clients, which allows us to advise them in a personal and much more competent way, adapting to their needs.

For Avalaw values ​​are very important, that is why we distinguish ourselves by working with a code of ethics based on efficiency, excellence and honesty, working in an avant-garde way taking advantage of all our resources to provide direct value to our customers and our teams. We are constantly learning and renewing ourselves in order to offer our clients a better experience and result.